Keppoch Mountain - August 7/8th, 2021 - Registration

Keppoch Mountain - August 7/8th, 2021 - Registration

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NSDGT Stop #2 - Keppoch Mountain in Antigonish, NS

Register for stop #2 at the Keppoch Mountain Disc Golf Course in Antigonish NS. This event will be taking place August 7th and 8th, 2021. 

The second stop in the new Nova Scotia Disc Golf Tour will visit the a newer course at Keppoch mountain just outside of Antigonish. 

For this PDGA sanctioned tournament we will be offering Open, Mixed, Female and Junior divisions with prizes for top finishers for each division. Open divisions will be paid out according the the PDGA guidelines. 

Junior & Amateur Divisions: Prizes
Open Divisions: Cash 

Fee Schedule
Junior Divisions: $20
Amateur Divisions: $30
Open Divisions: $55
Ace Pot: $2
Non-PDGA Members: $10

PDGA Tournament Page

NSDGT Keppoch Layout Notes
Aug 7/8 @Keppoch Mountain Disc Golf Course
Par 59/58, using 8 existing Patriot Basket & 10 temp Discatcher Baskets

** There is a ‘moving theater’ production along the walking loop with holes 1-5 and 16-18. Players MUST take free relief in accordance with rule 803.02A if their throw interferes with theater props - mark a new lie that is on the line of play (in line with the basket), farther from the basket, at the nearest point that provides relief.

(803.02 A) A player may obtain relief from obstacles that are on or behind the lie: harmful insects or animals, or any item designated by the Director. To obtain relief, the player may mark a new lie that is on the line of play, farther from the target, at the nearest point that provides relief.

Hole 1 - 225’ Par 3
Normal Hole 3.

Hole 2 - 220’ Par 3
Normal Hole 4.

Hole 3 - 230’ Par 3
Normal Hole 5.
OB Water right side of path.

Hole 4 - 260’ Par 3
Normal Hole 6.

Hole 5 - 275’ Par 3
Normal Hole 7 with basket on left side of path.
Continue along path and take left at fork to hole 6 tee.

Hole 6 - 270’ Par 3
Normal Hole 8 tee to shorter basket location in 2nd opening on right (behind large tree, before path).
Follow path and stay left at fork towards hole 7 tee.

Hole 7 - 240’ Par 3
Normal Hole 9 tee to shorter basket location at bottom of path (in sight).
Follow path left to hole 8 tee.

Hole 8 - 650’ Par 4
Walking into bowl from 7 basket head left on path, tee is on path and basket on hill in back left corner.
Walk to middle of paved area to hole 9 tee.

Hole 9 - 345’ Par 3
Tee is next to tone on paved area in middle of bowl facing back right corner, basket in middle back of bowl/depression

Hole 10 - 420’ Par 3/4
Tee pad up and right of 9 basket on gravel path, throwing back towards bowl entrance, basket is ~100’ below path.
Head back to paved area for hole 11 tee.

Hole 11 - 450’ Par 4
Tee pad on paved area facing back up towards bowl entrance, basket on grassy area near bowl entrance.
Walk past 7 basket to far path and head right towards hole 12 tee.

Hole 12 - 435’ Par 4 / 270’ Par 4
Normal Hole 10 except tee is left of normal tee on top of mound, short tee right of path, basket is just left of fork in path.

Hole 13 - 275’ Par 3
Normal Hole 11.

Hole 14 - 250’ Par 3
Tee ~30’ forward of normal hole 12 tee area on flatter ground, basket behind tone.

Hole 15 - 240’ Par 3
Normal Hole 13.
Continue along path past hole 5 basket, turn right towards 16 tee.

Hole 16 - 550’ Par 4 / 400’ Par 4
Normal hole 14 tee to hole 15 basket, with basket on left side of path, short tee near normal hole 14 tone.

Hole 17 - 285’ Par 3
Normal Hole 16.

Hole 18 - 345’ Par 3
Normal Hole 17.


  • “Keppoch” is not on the highway exit signs, please be sure to check maps before heading to the course and allow extra time.  Follow map directions carefully as there’s a road sign or two that may be deceiving.  There are white “Keppoch Mountain” signs with a red arrow at some intersections that are accurate.

  • There is normally a $5 per day site fee - that has been covered as part of your registration/player’s packs.  No site fee payment is required by tournament players.

  • Once parked, the fastest/easiest way to access the tournament layout course is via the gated path on the opposite end of the parking lot from the lodge.  See attached course map.


  • Amateur players can pick up their player's pack upon arrival for their first round. Player's packs include a NSDGT stamped disc (new mold), paid site access, and minimum $5 gift code to

  • The gathering/practice/TD area is marked on the course map.  A practice basket will be available for putting, and there is room for short warm up throws and/or playing catch (~150’).

  • Groups will be briefed prior to tee off, please be at the registration area 10min prior to your tee time.


  • A course map and hole notes are attached to this email, along with a pdf copy of this email.

  • Tee areas are marked and numbered with brown blocks.  Most are adjacent to regular Keppoch course tee marks.  Tee areas are almost all gravel and are the width of the gravel path (between markers).

  • There will be walkers and cyclists using the trail, please be considerate of others on the shared use property.

  • There is a moving theater production on the 1.5km walking loop (holes 1-5, 16-18).  The shows are at 7pm but there are props in place at a couple locations along that loop.  A note has been added to the tournament rules providing free relief to ensure their setup is not disturbed.


  • The regular course baskets and temp baskets will likely not be moved to tournament locations until Saturday morning.  Please follow the provided tournament layout map if practicing ahead of the event.

  • There is a moving theater show at 7pm on Friday, August 6th on the 1.5km loop containing holes 1-5 and 16-18.  The course is open but players (and walkers, cyclists) are asked not to pause for scenes due to public health capacity regulations.  Please move past or stay well back and wait. 


  • Tee times will start at 10am on Saturday morning.  Times will be posted to the event page once registration closes Thursday night (

  • 60-90 min will be scheduled for lunch/break between rounds 1 & 2.  The strip in Antigonish with fast food is a ~15min drive (A&W, Tims, McDs, Subway, Greco, Pita Pit) or bring a lunch!

  • Round 2 times will be scheduled to start at 130pm,, however if rounds are faster than anticipated start times will be moved up.

  • If timing fits, all cards will be re-sorted by score within divisions for round 2.

  • Round 3 tee times on Sunday will start at 10am.  Times will be posted to the event page Saturday evening.


  • The province of Nova Scotia is under a state of emergency.  We are privileged to have a disc golf tournament so please be considerate of the following requests.  Please practice social distancing in large groups.  COVID19 protocols are in place - regular hand sanitizing is encouraged, social distance where possible, no large gatherings anywhere on the property, only handle your own equipment.


  • All cards are to be scored via PDGA live scoring.  One player per card can score the round on their phone at the following website:, access code: nsdgt2021

  • A second player can do backup scoring on uDisc or other if desired.

  • All players must sign off on the live scoring upon completion of the round.


  • Amateur and Open event prizes will be distributed electronically following the tournament, in the form of gift codes for Amateurs and ‘cash’ for Open players.  Save up your discrepublic gift codes across our events and/or combine with friends for larger purchases and/or better shipping rates!

PDGA rules apply to this event - alcohol and drugs are NOT permitted during play (warning or disqualification).  Local laws and site rules apply regarding alcohol and drugs otherwise.