Tour Series Fundraiser Discs!

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2021 NSDGT Tour Series I-Dye Thunderbirds

These Innova I-Dye Pro Thunderbirds are not only absolutely sexy, but also each one is very unique. The weights range from 165-175g and we are working to add the specific weights for each disc. But we know you want the pattern/colour and don't care about weight. So buy them up!

Discs can be shipped, picked up at your convenience or delivered to you at any NSDGT event. 

These discs are 100% Guaranteed* to improve your game and are the perfect disc for you if you:

-Throw Thunderbirds
-Want to Support the Tour
-Love Tie-Dye
-Enjoy Disc Golf
-Spend too much time on the course
-Collect Discs
-Like (or dislike) cats
-Think pineapple on pizza is wrong

So buy 1 or 4 of these discs to support a local tour that in turn supports amateurs, cat lovers and normal players who hate pineapple on pizza. 

*There is nothing that can help your game, so just buy one because it's pretty and going to a good cause. But I stand firm on the pineapple thing.